Our Sustainability Statement is Founded on Safety, Quality, Value & Continuous Innovation

Our Values, Vision and Mission are the fundamental factors that determine how we run our business. They reflect the organizational qualities, which provide the basis for our business behavior with customers and with each other.

Our Values to Ensure Sustainability

Integrity Must Be Exhibited In Every Situation

A “Safe Way Of Life” Defines Our Approach To Safety

Mutual Respect For The Individual and The Customer Drives Our Need For Open Communication

Continuous Improvement Guarantees Our Predicted Future

Processing A Clear Vision Allows Us To Control Change

Stewardship of Our Team Members & Environment Enhance Our Community and our World

Our Vision

To be the Ultimate Model and Sought-After Supplier for Seat Assembly, Packaging, Staging and Shipping Services.

Our Mission

To exceed the expectations of our Customers, our Business Partners, our Team Members and by providing Value Added Performance in Safety, Quality, Service, Cost Value Management and Continuous Innovation, while preserving the Environment and Enhancing the Communities where we Work & Live.

Our Customers

We will provide our customers with services and products that are:

  • “What They Want”
  • “When They Want It”
  • “How They Want It”
  • “Where They Want It”
  • “At the Price/Value They Want It”

Our Business Partners

We will provide our Business Partners the ability to grow personally & professionally while being rewarded through:

  • “Profit Growth Through Continuous Improvement”
  • “Shared Success Through Strategic Partnerships”

Our Team Members

We will provide our Team Members the ability to grow personally & professionally while being rewarded through:

  • “Stewardship and Enhancement” of Our Environment
  • “Stewardship & Enhancement of Our Assets”
  • “New Business Development & Revenue Growth Driven by Safety, Quality, Service and Value Performance”